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Professor Shafi Ahmed Phd FRCS

The Virtual Surgeon

“The most watched surgeon in human history” Medgadget


John Nosta No1
John Nosta No1 Digital Health influencer
Shafi Ahmed brings a voice of clinical brilliance combined with unmatched vision of the future. He’s ability to capture what’s coming gives us a key advantage for the future. He’s a story teller in scrubs whose information might very well save all our lives!
David Hunt
David Hunt CEO Havas Lynx Group
Shafi as an outstanding keynote – one of the very best. I have seen him at countless events, including Wired, Cannes and GIANT, and he always been the highlight. As such we invited Shafi to present at our prestigious black-tie awards ceremony. The audience, made of healthcare experts, had to be educated as you’d expect from a keynote but also entertained as is necessary at a party. Shafi read the room brilliantly, and captured everyone’s attention during his presentation and long into the night
Matt Eagles
Matt EaglesPatient
There is absolutely no doubt that he is one of the most charismatic, influential and yet incredibly humble guys in the world of healthcare. Not only is he a brilliant surgeon but his ability, desire and sheer enthusiasm to pass on his skills to others is unlike anything I have ever seen before. His skills as an educator are admired all over the world and the forward-thinking tech that he is pioneering is breath-taking. Never have I witnessed such strength, and his delivery, always with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, is infectious as he virtually transports you into the operating theatre with absolutely no need for you to pick up a scalpel. Not only does Shafi change the paradigm in surgery and healthcare, but he has raised the bar far beyond what many people could ever imagine

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